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Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner vs Mid Wall Split Air Conditioner.

Homeowners need to take the following into careful consideration when deciding between a ceiling type Air Conditioner and Mid Wall Split Air Conditioner.
Room layout and space constraints.
Typically, ceiling cassette aircons are idea for rooms with limited wall space or awkward room design where wall mounting is not feasible. Ceiling type Air Conditioners are installed in the centre of the room, providing even air distribution.
Mid Wall Split Air Conditioners are suitable for rooms with adequate wall space. These units are commonly installed high on the wall to ensure efficient cooling and heating.
There is also a unique aesthetic preference. Ceiling Cassettes offer sleek and discreet appearance, they blend in with the ceiling offering a cleaner finish and minimalist look, keeping the walls clear of bulky mid wall split units.
Mid Wall Splits are more visible and can affect the rooms aesthetics even though the modern designs have become sleeker over the years.
Then there is the cooling and heating efficiency and coverage to consider.
Ceiling cassette air conditioners disperse air-conditioned air far more evenly across the room in multiple directions making it more suitable for larger rooms or oddly shaped spaces.
Mid Wall split air conditioners are very effective for direct airflow for smaller spaces typically installed in bedrooms, server rooms and other smaller spaces.
Installation and maintenance are major factors as well. Ceiling cassette air conditioners are more complexed to install and require modifications to your ceiling, maintenance will be slightly more difficult due to the aircons location.
Wall Split air conditioners are far easier to install. Servicing and maintenance also cost a lot less. These aircon installations typically take about 3 - 4 hours to install. Ask your aircon installer whether you also require a condensation pump for the installation.
Its worth mentioning that Midea air conditioning and Alliance air conditioners come with a 3-meter copper pipe kit which your installer will use to install the air conditioning system.
Feel free to contact us at Aircons24 for an installation quote or site inspection.
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