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How a Geyser Heat Pump works.

A geyser heat pump, also known as a hot water heat pump, is an energy-efficient system designed to heat water for residential or commercial use. It utilizes the principles of heat transfer to extract heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the water in the geyser.
without getting too in-depth there are a few components in the Geyser Heat Pump that are very similar to the outdoor unit of a residential air conditioner.
  • Evaporator
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion Valve
  • Refrigerant
Essentially the water from the geyser is heated though the following process and not via the element that’s in your geyser.
Operation process includes heat absorption via the ambient air which the fan blows over causing heat transfer.
Compression, the refrigerant passes through the compressor increasing the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant inside the Geyser heat pump.
This automated process is repeated until the set point is reach with the homeowner sets on the thermostat controller. Its very important to not that this energy transformation is far more cost effective than having the traditional element in your geyser.
Here are some of the advantages of installing a geyser heat pump.
Energy efficiency, you save a considerable amount of money on heating your water as this technology is far more efficient and effective than your traditional geyser element.
Reliability factor plays a major role in make the decision to change over. Your able to effectively heat your water all year round consistently at a fraction of the cost using ambient air and refrigerate in a closed system.
Depending on where your geyser is situated, the heat pump installation in straight forward and plumbing kits can be bought from your local plumbing store.
The geyser heat pump is a small box which can be discretely hidden. There of course is a cost to this exercise as you require the Heat Pump and the Installation and kit. Make sure you do a decent cost calculation to work out what your return on investment will be.
Another note worthy thing to mention is that you can adjust temperature of your geyser Heat Pump via a controller, and you can set timers and all sorts of other cool functions.
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