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Daikin FAA Commercial Air Conditioner

R 31,450.00

 Product Features: ( AZAS ) Series

• Flat, stylish front panel blends easily within any interior décor and is easier to clean

• Can easily be installed in both new and refurbishment projects • Reduced energy consumption thanks to specially developed DC fan motor

• The air is comfortably spread up and downwards thanks to 5 different discharge angles that can be programmed via the remote control

• Maintenance operations can be performed easily from the front of the unit

• Flexible to install as the largest casing only weighs 17kg and piping connection can be done at the bottom, left, or right of the unit

• Optimum comfort guaranteed with automatic air-flow volume control as this minimizes the difference between room and required temperature. No action is required from occupants to meet the desired temperature.

• Unified indoor unit for use with R-32 and R-410A refrigerant reduces stock cost • No optional adapter needed for DIII-connection, link your unit into the wider building management system.


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