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Condensate Pump - Eckerle EE1800

R 2,000.00
  • Eckerle Mini-Condensate Pump – EE1800.
  • Model EE1800.
  • For air-conditioners up to 20kW/ 60 000 Btu/Hr.
  • The float-type pump is mainly used in air-conditioners with limited space inside eg wall mounted mini split and ceiling units.
  • Having the same dimensions as the EE1000 and EE2000, the EE1800 can offer a higher flow rate – due to its optimized drive inside.
  • The EE1800 system consists of a pump unit and a separate 3-level float switch sensor.
  • Besides the on/ off function, the system offers a high-level, potential-free NO/NC alarm switch (230 V, 8 A ohmic load).
  • It comes with mounting accessories like pads of double-sided Scotch tape to fix the float switch and an anti-shock mount for the pump unit.
  • Impervious to blockage/ contamination due to unique valve design and large piston bore.
  • Swiss drive inside.


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